The Noble Feat of Nike Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

Prompts: In the essay “The Noble Feat of Nike”,(…) Johan Norberg expresses support for the opportunities that economic globalization brings to the lives of people in the developing countries. Write an essay in which you explain your position on the issue of economic globalization. To create an argument, you can ask yourself: Is economic globalization beneficial? If it is, who benefits? Should developed countries outsource the work and/or manufacturing to developing countries?

Essay requirements:

Citation Requirements:

1. You must include the article that you are responding to in your essay.

2. 4 other sources- can be online or printed

* Incorporate 5-6 sources in this essay.

  • You need to have at least 5 sources listed in the Works Cited.
  • One source can be used for 1-3 citations in the essay.
  • A quote cannot be more than 1-2 sentences long. Ideas from sources that are longer than 2 sentences need to be paraphrased. When you cite data, you should use direct quotes. When you cite stories and examples, you should use paraphrases.

Format Requirements:

  1. MLA citation and writing format
  2. Double-space
  3. 1 inch margins
  4. Times New Roman font (black)
  5. Length: 4-5 pages- without the Works Cited page

Other Requirements: Very Important!❗

* You have to incorporate a summary of the selected article in the introductory paragraph.

* One of the body paragraphs must incorporate an opposing point of view, also called a counter-argument. The following paragraph must include an acknowledgement or a refutation of the counter-argument.

Giving me OUTLINE firstly!❗

There is OUTLINE template, Must follow this template to write the outline