The Penguin Entrepreneurship Case Discussion

The Penguin Entrepreneurship Case Discussion

please read the case in world file below and answer each question with much details

Discussion Questions

  • 1- As of the end of the case, outline the ownership rights of each part of the business, including physical property, intellectual property, recipes, business model, etc.

    Can you justify Lisa Ballentine’s decision not to renew the lease?

  • 2- Do Jimmy King and Brian Rowe have a legal case against Lisa Ballentine? Why?
  • 3- How do you think the outcry from social media affected the potential for a franchise opportunity for the Penguin?
  • 4- If you were King and Rowe, what would you have done differently when establishing the restaurant? Rebuilding the Penguin brand?
  • 5- Whose side are you on? Why?
  • 6- As an entrepreneur, would you invest in a Penguin franchise?