The Truth About Yogurt Health Benefits Case 1 Analysis and Questions

1) Read the case: The Truth About Yogurt address the 5 questions at the end of the case.

2) Maximum number of pages for case analysis: 2 (single or double-spaced okay).

3) Do not forget to include citations and credit your sources.


1. How do the concepts of deception, puffery, and substan-tiation apply to this case?

2. Could Dannon’s executive team have avoided such an expensive outcome? If so, how?

3. Do you agree that the term “clinical studies show” is sig-nificantly different from “scientifically proven” or “clinically proven”? Should the judge have been more specific about what wording could or could not be used?

4. What ethical or moral guidelines,if any, did Dannon violate?

5. What role should advertising and marketing communications play in explaining the health benefits of basic products such as yogurt?