This assessment focuses on your understanding and appreciation of Strategic Management Inputs. You are required to identify a corporation in the Horticulture focused Agribusiness sector of Australia. This report should include the following items:

  • Identify a Horticulture focused agribusiness operating in Australia.
  • Identify its business units and products and services lines.
  • Identify its business revenue units and discuss the importance of thelargest of these revenue units.
  • Analyse the Horticulture agribusiness’ external environment
  • Discuss its political, economic, social, technological, environmentaland legal operating environment.
  • Analyse the Horticulture agribusiness’ internal organisation.
  • Discuss its resources, capabilities, core competencies and competitiveadvantages.
  • Make recommendations for the future strategic direction of the selected Horticulture agribusiness.Write the report in English with structured sentences that conform to academic writing guidelines.Follow a report structure with an executive summary, table of contents and conclusion.Use Harvard referencing style in text and in the list of references. A minimum of eight (8) journal articles and textbook references are required to show basic research.Words – 2200