Turing a patient with a hip fracture


(Turing a patient with a hip fracture-Edith Jacobson)


The below activities are required to be completed before you arrive to the simulation.

If this is not completed, you will not be allowed to participate in the simulation (please be advised that simulations are limited, so make-up is not guaranteedIf the simulation is not completed for this course NUR2356 Multidimensional Care 1, you will fail to meet the objectives and not pass this course-both lecture and clinical).

1. Go To “My ATI” Apply Skills Modules 3.0 Mobility (1hr)

a. Complete the pretest (if you have not taken it yet), review the lesson, and finish with the posttest for Mobility (screenshot posttest results showing 95% or greater and showing 1 hour spent in module).

i. (place screenshot here) Graphical user interface  Description automatically generated with low confidence


2. Complete the Osteoporosis Pathophysiology diagram below by using the ATI Med/Surg ebook, [“My ATI” Learn RN eBook Library RN Adult Medical Surgical Nursing Edition 11.0 (this is the ebook you will need to complete the below diagram) start on page 463]) (1hr)