TUX101 Trident University Mod 2 CH2 Time Management Discussion Essay

TUX101 Trident University Mod 2 CH2 Time Management Discussion Essay

TUX101 Case Mod 2

Review Chapter 2: Time Management, from Thriving at Trident University, including Dr. Aaron Thompson’s reflections:

I started the process of earning my doctorate a little later in life than other students. I was a married father with a preschool daughter (Sara). Since my wife left for work early in the morning, it was always my duty to get up and get Sara’s day going in the right direction. In addition, I had to do the same for myself. Three days of my week were spent on campus in class or in the library. (We didn’t have quick access to research on home computers then as you do now.) The other two days of the workweek and the weekend were spent on household chores, family time, and studying.

I knew that if I was to have any chance of finishing my Ph.D. in a reasonable amount of time, I had to adopt an effective schedule for managing my time. Each day of the week, I held to a strict routine. I got up in the morning, ate breakfast while reading the paper, got Sara ready for school, and got her to school. Once I returned home, I put a load of laundry in the washer, studied, wrote, and spent time concentrating on what I needed to do to be successful from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. every day. At lunch, I had a pastrami and cheese sandwich and a soft drink while rewarding myself by watching Perry Mason reruns until 1:00 p.m. I then continued to study until it was time to pick up Sara from school. Each night, I spent time with my wife and daughter and then prepared for the next day. I lived a life that had a preset schedule. By following that schedule, I was able to successfully complete my doctorate in a reasonable amount of time while giving my family the time they needed. (By the way, I still watch Perry Mason reruns.)

—Aaron Thompson

Case Assignment

Write a 2–page reflection paper on your Time Management skills and how you can go about improving them. Use at least three tips from Chapter 2, Thriving at Trident, and additional information from the video to shape your response.

APA (American Psychological Association) writing style will be used throughout your tenure at Trident. It is important to provide scholarly work and support your opinion with research. While this is NOT required in this course, it is encouraged as you prepare for future courses. The following resources are provided for your use and convenience: