Ualbany One Visual Culture Report Visual Media Literacy Assignment

ONE PAPER DUE Tuesday, April 16: Contains PowerPoint that itemizes the media literacy criteria. You will write one report. Option: One analyzes a still image or photograph, and the other analyzes a short film or video. The report must be printed. PDFs will not be accepted.

At the beginning of your reports: Write a brief summary describing the circumstances concerning your still image/photograph (about 50 words) and film (about 50 words). In other words, what is it?

NOTE: The attached analysis papers from previous semesters are examples to help you begin these assignments. You cannot select these photos or video. Furthermore, focus on this class’ assignments in the PowerPoint. I have shifted more emphasis to the role of Social Semiotics in audience negotiation and apparent reality. Your papers need to reflect the requirements of this attached PowerPoint — not the criteria of previous semesters.