United States National Holocaust Memorial Museum Critical Analysis

  1. While you are visiting the museum, choose an exhibit or an object that you believe provides insight into some aspect of the historical context at the time when it was made. I CHOOSE REMEMBER CHILDREN DANIEL’S STORY
  1. Take a selfie outside of the museum during your visit. Take any other photographs you would like to include. Also, don’t forget to photograph the information card that goes with the exhibit.
  1. Essay:
    1. Think of this essay as a formal history essay, with one centerpiece (the artifact) around which you build your argument. Do not use the first person: Do not start a sentence with “I” or “we”. Be formal.
    2. Your argument (presented in your thesis) will relate to what the artifact teaches about the time period during which it was created.
    3. For help with preparing history essays, view the following:

4. Sources: You are required to use at least three academic books or articles outside of the textbook to provide more information about your object and/or the time period in question.

  • You must include a short bibliography at the end of the paper. You may cite it in MLA format or Chicago format.
  • The first step to finding sources is to go to the NOVA Libraries website and type in some topics related to the object that you picked.
  • Do not use websites. You can use academic articles or books from the library.
  • Wikipedia or encyclopedias do not count as an academic source. They are references.

5.To be included:

  1. Describe the object, its historical context, and its significance in the first paragraph. Describe it physically. This will lead to your thesis.
  2. Your thesis should illustrate your analysis of the object: What the object teaches you.
  3. Describe it’s historical context.
  4. Make sure there is information coming from additional sources. See above. Provide background. Do not focus only on the object.