University of California Epistemology in the Era of Fake News Discussion

In the library Libguide/resource guide for this class, there are resources that discuss evaluating sources. For this discussion forum, I would like you to use an online document by UC Berkeley that covers evaluating sources, including web pages. To access it, click here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Read the document, then select a web page/site (preferably one that you are considering using in your paper) and use the six steps in the Berkeley document to evaluate it. For this forum do the following:

Part 1:

  1. Tell us what Web page/site you are evaluating
  2. List each of the six steps and report what you found out about your Web page/site in each step.
  3. Tell us your conclusion about the Web page/site you evaluated. Would it be a good choice for your paper?

Part 2:

Respond to the posts of at least two classmates. Do you agree with their conclusions about their websites? Why or why not? Did they miss anything?