University of Illinois Law Enforcement Brutality on African Americans Paper

  • Outline your final paper using the journal articles you found in the search of the databases.
  • Arrange each article topically.
  • Outline an introduction and conclusion (using short phrases about what your points will be).
  • Outlines must be at least two pages using an outline format– it can be any style but should not simply be bullet points.
  • You must include a References page using APA format.
  • At this point in your search process, you should have at least 3 articles from peer-reviewed journals or other official sources.
  • Must attach the articles that you are going to be using

I have attached an example outline on how this assignment should look.

Also must use this website to find articles, this was created by our subject librarian. It is a collection of online databases to help you find research in criminal justice.