University of Phoenix Understanding the American Government

Assignment Content

Resources: Local ( San Diego city) Governmental Websites, Internet.

Research your local (San Diego city ) government.

Write a 1,050 – to 1,400 page paper which includes the following:

Analyze the main employee positions within local (San Diego city) government and the services that each department provides. Consider positions such as the mayor, the council, the municipal clerk, the engineer and public safety officials.

Identify the departments you believe are the most important, and explain why.

Describe which services you might recommend to be discontinued, if any, should your local government experience a budget shortfall. Discuss the stakeholders that would be most affected by your decisions.

Support/Defend your recommendation with authoritative research and analysis, using theory, concepts and methods presented in the course.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use at least two academic sources in your work, including one from the library. One source must be from the course material, (use, cite and reference at least one e-text book from the course).