US Department of Defense Enlisting Open Source Applications Case Study

For number 1-3 write 1200 words minimum with 3 scholarly sources…….For number 4 write 250 words with 2 scholarly sources

Case Study – US Department of Defense: Enlisting Open Source Applications

1. Given the critical nature of defense activities, security in this environment is a primary concern. How do the agencies discussed in the case study address this issue? Can you think of anything else they could be doing? Provide at least two recommendations.

2. The U.S. Department of Defense is arguably one of the largest organizations in the world. Managing technology for such an organization is certainly a major endeavor. Does the shift toward open-source initiatives help in this regard? Does it hurt? Discuss at least two advantages and disadvantages of adopting open-source applications in large organizations.

3. After reading the case study, do you think the shift to open-source software involved a major cultural change for the Department of Defense? Would you expect the same to be the case for large companies? Justify your answer.

4. refer to the Real World Case, Nationwide Insurance: Unified Financial Reporting and “One Version of the Truth”

The project that Nationwide undertook was quite clearly a success. What made this possible? Discuss three different practices that helped Nationwide pull this off. Use examples from the case where necessary.