Using MLA Format, write 3-4 pages on what you’ve learned in this course and what you’ll take with you into moreadvanced study andyour professional lives.

Please read the assignment sheet carefully (the first file attached below) and demonstrate the skills you’ve learned or further developed this semester. Remember to –

  • Develop a main claim that all key points of the essay will relate back to.
  • Fully develop subclaims with evidence from materials I’ve provided in class (no outside sources).
  • Embed quotes, paraphrase, and summary statements with signal phrases and accurate MLA in-text citations.
  • Write clearly and logically, demonstrating care for the reader’s understanding and experience.
  • Use MLA format.
  • Note: a Works Cited page is not required.
  • This is a link to a video, which is one of the sources we’ve studied during this semester:…