Utility Theory Application for Business Thorough Research Paper

Utility Theory Application for Business Thorough Research Paper

Provide an in depth research paper on the utility theory and apply it to real world situations. Paper must contain a motivated thesis or main argument. Provide a clear and concise interpretation of a question or puzzle that makes your thesis interesting and important.

Conduct own research utilizing medical texts, books, articles, scholarly publications, or any other reference that will assist in the composition of an extensive paper. As always, cite sources properly and do NOT plagiarize.

Conduct your own analysis of the found information. (Refrain from just a simple, long, descriptive presentation of information without any analysis or argument.)

Paper must contain at least five (5) reference sources and be structured as shown below.

Title Page

Abstract – Provide a few paragraphs which depict the data covered within your paper.

Table of Contents


Should include an introduction; similar to the abstract, except you are to provide the reader with teasers. Draw your audience in.

Research Question – Inform the reader of the purpose and scope of your research.

Review of publications – Recount what you learned from the readings within your research.

Methodology – Informs the reader on how your research was conducted providing an aid for them should they want to conduct the same research or extend yours further.

Results – Explain the results of your research.

Conclusions – Recount what you learned after conducting your research. Use this information to assist you in creating recommendations for areas where your research can be realistically applied or extended.

Paper should be in APA format to include citations. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are of the utmost importance. Remember, this should be considered business or scholarly writing and should written as though you are providing a report to your employer on the topic.