Von Braun and Korolev During the World War II and The Cold War Question

please answer each question with 3-5 sentence. make it clear and simple.

there is a video in youtube called “space race 1 of 4 Race for Rockets” and “space race 2 of 4 Race for satellite”

the questions are based on those two, in case you need to watch it.

1- why was the V-2 rocket considered such a revolutionary weapon?

2- what reasons did the soviet give for fearing american intention after the war?

3- to what degree do you hold Von Braun responsible for the crimes committed by the Nazi regime? if it were your decision as President, would you have granted Von Braun amnesty in the United States, and Why?

4- compare the personalities style of Von Braun and Korolev and how they managed their rocket teams. who would you rather have worked with?

5- what lessons do you draw from the history of space race?