Ways Dante Alighieri Inferno Can Be Read Essay

Dante, himself, said that his Inferno could be read four ways:
1) literally whereby readers can appreciate the drama, suspense, characters, and themes.
2) symbolically whereby readers can focus on the symbols of each punishment. Dante’s hell follows the law of symbolic retribution: you are punished as you sinned. Many readers have appreciated how imaginatively Dante created punishments to fit the “crimes” so to speak. In this the of reading, we see that Virgil represents Human Reason, Dante represents the Noble Soul, and the entire work is an allegory (extended metaphor) of Human Reason guiding the Noble Soul through Hell, and all the actions and evils that are within it.
3) morally to caution our behavior, and
4) analogically for the quest of spiritual truths.

Which reading (all listed above) seems to matter most to you? Choose one of the four listed above, and provide three citations to support your assertion. Remember to have a clear thesis statement in your post, and to explain the meaning of the citations chosen both in your text and in relation to your argument — we cannot see how you see things until you show us, then we can (happily!) follow and learn from you. Post should be at least 400 words, excluding citations provided to support. ANY information, idea, or commentary taken or inspired by an outside source should link us to that source, with either a link or website title. (75 points)