Website Programming For The Travel Company HTML Project Help

design and develop a small website for a travel company.Express Holidays wants you to research and present information in an innovative way. The focal points of their website are vacations and tourism. You can apply your discretion while defining the audience, but you should do this early in the project.

The company wants you to develop five pages for its website by using the following details:

Home page: This page should contain information about the company and should be saved with the file name index.html. This is the first page to load in the browser when the website is accessed by a user.

Three distinctive destination pages: These three pages are up to you and your creativity. You can show tourist destinations with which you are familiar or ones that you can imagine. However, you need to make sure that you supplement the destination pages with images—these can be any royalty-free images available online, photos that you have clicked, or photos which you are permitted to use.

Contact page: This is the page using which a user can send Express Holidays a message. For this page, initially, you will design a form that the users would fill.

By the end of this project, you will implement a solution that processes the form and sends Express Holidays an e-mail message with the form contents. This project involves researching; collecting information, such as graphics, video, and audio; and designing, creating, and hosting the website on a web host, such as As part of the project, you will also suggest ways of maintaining and promoting the website after it is complete. As this is a prototype, you should largely use freely-available information and graphics and spend a considerable amount of time in website designing and project execution.


You will use what you have learned to create an HTML page. The content of the page should just be the statement “Hello, World!” but it should include HTML tags, header tags, body tags, and use proper tag nesting and closure. Save your file as hello.html and include it in your submission folder.


Using Microsoft PowerPoint as a design tool, create a plan for your Website. To do so, perform the following tasks:

Put together a set of questions for the client that need to be addressed before you can start designing and developing the website. This would give you enough information to plan the website without getting into its technical details. Try to be comprehensive but succinct. Come up with questions that can extract relevant information for planning the design and development and for creating an initial prototype of the website. Group your questions under various categories such as quality, scheduling, and workflow. Your questions may include:

Who is the intended audience?

What milestones should be planned in the design phase?

Submit your PowerPoint design file along with the HTML page from the Implementation section