Week 4 Chapter 6 Shifting South The Song Dynasty Reflection Assignment

This is a simple reflection for Chinese history week 4 lecture. It is an entry level assignment which does not need to be fancy, simple and clear is good. The requirement of the assignment is the first photo down below. you will write about the Yuan or Song Dynasty which are mentioned in the second attachment that contains the book page from 136 – 160 (chapter 6 & 7). The third pdf is the example of this assignment, you should write the assignment exactly as the form in the PDF. Again, it is an easy assignment as shown in the third PDF, and it does not requirement Chinese history knowledge to write. All information is provided in the attachments, I also post my lecture notes in the forth PDF, to give you a clue what did we address in the lecture, and you can find lecture dates in there, please remember to address the date of the lecture. Thank you for your help.