Week 5 Usage of Outline as a Tool Discussion Posts

Week 5 Usage of Outline as a Tool Discussion Posts

week 5

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DQ 1:


An outline is a very useful tool. This is one of the suggestions mentioned earlier in the course given to work through writers block. Outlines are useful in producing a talk as they assist in the entire process of organizing thoughts/ writing process, as well as speaking (Indiana University, 2019). The outlined developed last week is useful in helping me prepare my visual presentation. I was able to organize my thoughts effectively which should be a helpful starting point. I will need to modify my outline for my paper and power point accordingly based on the guidance given to me by the instructor and classmate.


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DQ 1:


An outline is like a map of the paper if it is done correctly it will show the thesis, main body of the paper, and the evidence to prove the theory. It helps to classify main points of the paper and organize paragraphs so the paper can flow smoothly. Writing an outline does not take much time and it will help to save time when writing the paper as you are more able to stay on track because you know where you are going. The outline I did last week is helpful in preparing the visual presentation as it can help with writer’s block because most of the information is already there. This can make the revision process easier as well. When you are speaking you need to modify by using points and then explaining them rather than writing out everything. This is why it is important to use speaker notes when doing a PowerPoint.


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