Weekly Discussion

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Weekly Discussion

Using Business Source Premier, review the following case studies from Harvard Business Review:

Seijts, J.; Soledad, C.; & Wion, R. (2014). When the Twitterverse turns on you. Harvard Business Review, 92(3), 117-121.

Humphreys, J.; Ahmed, Z.; Pryor, M.; Hanson, K.; Peppers, D.; Rogers, M.; & Borg, J. (2009). World-Class Bull. Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 35-42.

You will notice that the case studies use storytelling to present the facts of the case. Experts then provide their perspectives on the case.

In addition to the two case studies, review the following article:

Dawar, N. & Bendle, N. (2018). Marketing in the age of Alexa. Harvard Business Review, 96(3), 80-86.

Following your review, create a 280-character Tweet that captures the integrated marketing communications concepts discussed.