What are strategies that you can apply to reduce stress and

Read our Lesson in the Lesson section and this weeks assigned material, and http://www.brianmac.co.uk/companx.htm
You may also want to use online sources, Google etc., to research the State Anxiety Test, or the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 (CSAI-2).It is a sport-specific state anxiety scale developed by Martens, Vealey, and Burton (1990). The scale divides anxiety into three components: cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and a related component-self-confidence. Self- confidence tends to be the opposite of cognitive anxiety and is another important factor in managing stress.
Complete this scale, meaning, fill out the questionnaire for yourself before a practice, workout or meaningful event. If you are not currently active in competition, recall such situations as clearly as possible and record and report your responses in this initial forum post, then answer the following questions in your forum post:
1. Do you tend to be an individual that struggles with stress and anxiety?
2. If not, explain your general arousal personality.
3. What are possible factors that influence your arousal, stress, and anxiety status before an event?
4. What are strategies that you can apply to reduce stress and anxiety and maintain appropriate arousal levels?
Make sure at the end of your discussion you reference the location of your ideas.
Note: Take time before posting to read ALL of the instructions below. Doing so will help you avoid point loss.