What is America- Close Reading 4 Quiz

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Needs to be done within 10 hours


We use the quiz function to collect your short answers to the following close reading questions.You can only click on the quiz once, so only do so when you’re ready to paste in your answers in the appropriate box.

  • We suggest you cut and paste these into a Word, Pages, or Google doc and then write out your answers.
  • Keep a copy of the q&a in case Canvas has a problem when you’re trying to upload.


1. “30 Students Arrested in Palm Beach County Drug Sting”

Questions–answer all a through d:

a. Cut and paste the rationale for the undercover drug operation that you found to be the most persuasive argument in favor of having undercover police officers infiltrate the schools in Florida and identify the speaker of the quote (3 points)

b. In 1-2 sentences, explain what about the quote you selected was persuasive– in other words, why did you agree with the rationale of the person whose thoughts the quote explain (3 points).

c. In 1-2 sentences, explain what a reasonable person might say as a counter-argument that would disagree with the quote you selected. (2 points)

d. Based in the context of this news account, what kind of person (student, parent, community member, civil rights lawyer, law enforcement official, school official, etc.) might believe the counter-argument? (2 points)

2. “30 Students Arrested in Palm Beach County Drug Sting”

Question: In 2-3 sentences of your own writing, explain WHETHER and WHY you personally support or oppose the use of undercover police agents in middle schools and high schools. (6 points) Include 1 quote from the article that supports your position on this issue (4 pts)

3. This American Life story of “21 Chump Street” reported by Robbie Brown

Question: Explain how getting caught up in the drug sting operation described in this story impacted Justin’s plans for his future? Be specific and explain in your own wordswhat he had originally planned to do (5 pts) and what the plan B is that he’s pursuing now. (5 pts)

4. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “21 Chump Street”

Question: What was your favorite scene/song in this short play? You must pick one and describe it. (5 points).

In at least 2 sentences of your own writing, explain what it was about it that you most enjoyed. (5 points)

5. Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical “21 Chump Street” (10 points)

Question: What did you learn about the topic of having undercover cops in schools from watching the 14 minute musical performance that you did not really get from listening to the podcast story? Your answer should be specific and explain WHY the musical taught you this (5 pts) when the NEWS account did not (5 pts).

Icons - watercolor effect_Book.pngAssigned Reading

1. Campbell, Alexia. “30 Students Arrested in Palm Beach County Drug Sting (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” The Sun Sentinel 9 May 2011

Icons - watercolor effect_Headphones.pngAssigned Podcasts

1. Brown, Robbie. “21 Chump Street (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” part 2 of “What I did For Love,” episode of This American Life 10 February 2012. (13 minutes)

Icons - watercolor effect_Youtube.png Assigned Viewing

1. Miranda, Lin Manuel. “21 Chump Street.” Musical. video version recording of live radio podcast. (18 min 03 sec)

2. Glass, Ira. “High Schools Performing the Musical Lin-Manuel Miranda Wrote for our BAM show (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..”This American Life 18 October 2018. [Videos embedded in story]