What Makes a Heroic or Villainous Character Essay

88B: Essay 2 Prejudice, Stereotypes and Racism (Two Options; Choose One) 4 Page essay double space.

With Introduction and 4 Body paragraph and a conclusion.

  1. Using Jessica Hagedorn’s “Asian Women in Film” as a model and for supporting evidence, identify and analyze a stereotype or prejudicial depiction of a character in a film. Describe its negative impact or potential. Engage in, or speculate about, some potentially empowering reversal in which you reinterpret the negative detail as positive.
  1. Using Mitu Sengupta’s “Race Relations Light Years From Earth” as a model and for supporting evidence, indict a film as racist, or defend it against such a charge.

For each of these options, you may use ideas from any of the previous readings to support your argument about what makes a heroic or villainous character, or which actions and qualities are celebrated or condemned.

Previous reading :https://sites.google.com/site/english88bspring2019/readings click on reading “Asian women in film no joy no luck “

“Forrest Gump :A subversive movies” “Race relations light years from earth”