Whores Movie Concept and Commence in Global Studies Terms Review Paper

  • A documentary on sex work in Thailand, Mexico and Bangladesh.” Whores’ Glory, the third film in Michael Glawogger’s globalization trilogy (following Megacities, Workingman’s Death), is an explicit and unflinching exposé of global prostitution. Glawogger’s latest larger-than-life documentary is an audacious, non-judgmental study of sexuality, politics, human behavior and the effects of capital and religion on both women andmen from starkly different cultures”. — (C) Kino Lorber.
    1. In two page respond to the following questions:
      • – Describe one concept that you learned from the movies.
      • – How does this movie connect with the concepts or overarching themes from the coursework(in global studies terms)
      • – Format: 12 pts, Times New Roman, double spaced, justified.