Why Is Important to Take a Class Like Theatre History Written Assignment

Please write a 700 word answer to the question below:


Last year, a student majoring in Criminology related to me a conversation that he had had with one of his friends who was asking him why, since he was studying to become a police officer, he “had to” take a Theatre History class. Imagine that you are responding directly to the student’s friend who is skeptical about the value of a course like “Theatre History.”

Why is important, even for a non-major, to take a class like Theatre History? Why is Theatre important at all?

Professions like nursing and business inarguably make a contribution to the world—but what good does Theatre do? Why does Theatre matter?

What have you learned in this course that has and/or will be valuable?

In your paper, please identify the specific play/historical period you learned the most from and explain what you learned from it. ( I will provide the name of the play )