World Regional Geography, geology homework help

Please read Chapter 4 (Europe) in your textbook (World Regional Geography, Sixth Edition) and watch three of the films from the W.H. Freeman and/or PBS Frontline World site and the discuss the following topic: What have been the most significant changes in Europe’s political and economic geography in the last century and why?
Here are the W.H. Freeman film links:
EU Tells Turkey to Deepen Reforms
Sweden Home to Iraqi Refugees
Attack on U.S. Embassy in Belgrade over Kosovo
Religious Tolerance in Britain
NATO Leaders and Putin in Bucharest
Concerns over Values at US-EU Summit
Winter on the Way
Yourposting for the week should: 1.) Be at least four full paragraphs in length;  2.) Clearly address the assigned question or topic; and 3.) Demonstrate your engagement with, and understanding of, required readings and/or films. You are expected to clearly demonstrate (by making specific references in your comments) that you have viewed a few of the assigned PBS Frontline World films assigned for that week.