Write persuasive outline within 2-3 pages with 2-3 sources. the topic is recycling .

Outline persuasive speech about recycling on health


AG: Be creative and make sure your AG is clearly evident

Thesis: What is the main purpose of your speech. Be specific

Preview: Highlight the main points of your speech.


  1. Significance – Establishing the problem you must establish that a problem exists and is serious enough to warrant action.
  1. To do this, establish harms. Harms are the bad things that are happening. It could be injustice, loss of life, species extinction, extensive loss of resources or anything we find valuable.
  2. You should have 4-6 solid, well thought and warranted harms in your speech and outline. These harms should include empirical support. You can label your harms as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
  3. Additionally, you need to speak about the magnitude of these harms. It is hard to convince people to take action when only a few people are affected. Show how serious and large the problem is.
  1. Inherency (Inherent Barriers) – What are the sources of the problem? What is stopping the issue from being resolved. Generally, these can fall under 2 categories; Attitudinal and Structural.

  1. Attitudinal – What attitudes are present in society that are stopping the issue from being resolved? How have these attitudes been formed? Who has these attitudes? Think, public perception, misinformation.
  2. Structural – What laws/systems/rules are in place that are inhibiting the problem from being resolved? Is it constitutional? State/National laws/Policies? Think systemic … what is it about the system we live in that is stopping this issue from being resolved?

  1. Solvency – Now that you have demonstrated a serious problem exist and have also articulated why this problem has not been resolved, what can be done to fix it?
  1. Plan – You must propose a solution for the problem you are discussing. Your plan must be well thought out and also needs to address each one of your harms. Your plan should solve for all of your harms. Be sure to clearly talk about how your plan solves for each harm previously mentioned.
  2. Practicality – Demonstrate how practical your plan is.
  3. Often, plans will include creating awareness, spreading knowledge, and judicial processes. You can be creative as well; think celebrity endorsements, funding opportunities, etc.
  1. Disadvantages – It is likely that there are arguments opposing your attempt to solve a serious issue. For this section, elaborate on counter arguments for your topic and your plan. It is okay if some of these cannot be argued against. However, you may want to discuss the idea of “net-benefits” and “preponderance of evidence”. Think, bigger picture, is society better off if we were to adopt your plan then if status quo was to remain. Try to play devils-advocate with your topic and imagine all the counter-arguments. This will help you list the disadvantages.

  1. Advantages – What additional advantages does the adoption of your plan bring to society that were not previously mentioned when discussing the harms and how they will be solved. It is important to end your speech with the positives of your plan. Really emphasize how important it is to change the status quo with the adoption of your plan here.


Summarize main points

Restate Thesis

Tie back to your AG