writing ( making up ) a historical tv series

The picture uploaded counting a overall description of idea of a tv series. Please describe the character of Hector ( against muslim player )and Tyler ( supports the player ) the description should be 2 pages for each one ( include height, color, weight, personal,… etc) make it up by imagination.

  1. Mohammed: “the main character” muslim Pakistani- American. He’s athlete at a junior college that transfers to Rutgers University. He’s trying to be the first muslim NFL in America.
  1. Ayaan: Father of the player. He’s a hard working family man who supports his son and pushing him toward NFL.
  1. Hector: teammate who dislikes Mohammed for being a muslim and perceived slight against him.
  1. Tyler: teammate that support Mohammed against Hector to get him into the team. He believes that Mohammed is a professional player.
  1. Coach: neutral party that only cares about winning. He’s the one who gives Mohamed the opportunity to play.

Episode 1: The player coming to the United states, and growing up. He was 8 years old when he came to america.

Episode 2: went to high school, going to JOCO, coach started following him

Episode 3: He was in college ( rutgers ) playing in college team

Episode 4: Him getting drafted, meet all of the teammate, trying to play NFL.

Episode 5: struggling to play because of him religion and challenging with teammate

Episode 6: started playing by the support of some mate and coach. Became a famous NFL