writing portfolio introduction

The portfolio introduction evaluates how you did in the class and analyzes all of your writing contained in the portfolio, and will include the following:

  • Your analysis of the advancement of your writing through papers, participation, engagement, and the revision process in all its stages, including peer editing (with specific evidence for your evaluation taken from your own writing and the feedback you have received).
  • Your reasons for making the choices you made, and what you may have done differently; what you think you accomplished and what may need more work.
  • Your responses to the class texts and how these sources informed your own work and ideas.
  • Your answer to this: How did these assignments prepare you for life and work beyond 39B?

Beware: you should follow your instincts as well as your informed belief, not hubris or pathos. Consider what you did, what you could have done, what you believe you wanted to learn, etc. You should include your rationale, where you think you improved, where you could have done more, what you liked, what you didn’t.