Written Response Reagan 900 words to 1350 words

Written Response Reagan 900 words to 1350 words

Place only your name on the top of your paper. Do not rewrite the question. Put all writing in your own words. Upload as a file in doc, docx or pdf. Scroll down for a list of Reagan speeches at the bottom of this assignment. You pick one for Part I. Scroll down for the assignment’s guidelines.

Answer Parts I, II, III

Part 1. Open the 2017 CSPAN American Presidents Survey (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Historians ranked President Reagan #9 overall

In the historians’ ranking list of Presidential leadership , they ranked Reagan #5 in Public Persuasion and #6 in Vision Setting.

  1. Review the historians survey rankings on the C-SPAN (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. site make any observation/comments about them. For instance make an observation such as did Reagan rise in the rankings or fall?
    a) In what areas was he ranked high? Low? b) Did the rankings seem consistent with what you read or viewed about Reagan?

Part 2: Read one speech from the list at the bottom below.
The speeches are found on the Reagan Speeches Reagan Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” or on the link “Reagan Speeches Miller Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.”.
Analyze one (1) speech. You must pick from the list below.
1. List the name and date and occasion of the speech you chose to review.
2. Explain the context and setting of the speech (where was the speech given? where was Reagan in his career at the time?).
3. What do you find appealing in the speech?
4. What qualities do you find in the speech that would “persuade” the public and communicate with the public?
5. Is there evidence of vision setting or persuasion in the speech you picked and read?
Use examples and illustrations from throughout the speech to back your generalizations.
Part 3. Go to the link Peggy Noonan on Reagan (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Read the Peggy Noonan (Reagan speechwriter and now author and journalist for the Wall Street Journal and Opinionjournal.com) on Reagan’s character. Noonan praises Reagan’s character.

  1. Summarize Noonan’s piece on Reagan. What were specific traits she observed?
  2. Did you find indication for Noonan’s perspective on Reagan’s character, personality or other traits she described in the speech that you read? Be thorough. Use specific information from Noonan to back your points. Be thorough.
  3. What did you find most interesting about this assignment? Be specific. You must share at least one example from Noonan’s article or the speech. It must be an example you haven’t previously used.

Choices for Reagan Speeches (you must choose from these speeches) Find the speeches in the links provided above next to Part II.

A Time for Choosing 10-27-64

To Restore America 3-31-76

Presidential Acceptance Speech 7-17-80

First Inaugural Address 1-20-81

Economic Recovery 4-28-81

Address to British Parliament 6-8-82

Unknown Soldier Memorial ay 5-28-84

Pointe Du Hoc D Day U.S. Ranger Monument 6-6-84

Challenger Disaster 1-28-86

Brandenburg Gate West Berlin 6-12-87

Farewell 1-11-89


  1. Be complete.
  2. Make sure that you number each question answered to respond to the questions in this assignment.
  3. Do not repeat the questions.
  4. Do not cite the URL in which you found the information as I have assigned the websites.
  5. Use specific examples and quotes from the material that you studied.
  6. Place only your name on your paper and doublespace using size 12 font
    Don’t skip lines between paragraphs or sections.
  7. No direct quotes longer than 1 sentence.
  8. Place all writing in your own words. If you wish to use the words from an interview, video, or website you must place those words in quotation marks and cite the source in the body of the paper. No need to cite the URL. Just make sure your source is evident. For example, As Noonan explained, “…. Or as Reagan stated in his speech at the Ranger Monument, “….” You do not need to continue to cite the speech in the body of your paper as you state the speech you picked in #2.
  9. Do not use outside sources. Use only the assigned websites and your text as background
  10. List word count.
    Paper should be 1350-word maximum and 900 words minimum. Minimum means minimum to be accepted. Be thorough and in depth. I grade on both depth and breadth of treatment. Go beyond the minimum to earn more points.