11-2 Connection Issues

11-2 Connection Issues

In this project, you’ll research suggestions online for troubleshooting Internet connection problems, and develop your own list of procedures to follow the next time you encounter this type of problem.

  1. In a Web browser, do a search for tips, tricks, hints, and steps for troubleshooting Internet connection issues. Make a list of ideas from at least three different sources that you can use for future reference.
  2. Think about the ideas you’ve gathered, and consider which steps should be completed first, middle, and last, to narrow down and identify a problem as quickly as possible without a great deal of backtracking. Make sure your troubleshooting steps cover a wide variety of potential problems.
  3. Rearrange and edit your list so that the steps would be easy to follow, beginning to end, in a troubleshooting scenario. Explain why you placed the steps in the order you chose, and list one or more potential problems that each step is designed to detect.

Using MS Word only, record your answers.

Your answer must be a minimum of one page, single spaced, Times Roman 12-point font.

Save the file as

CP11-2XXX.docx. Substitute your first, middle, and last name initials in place of XXX. Attach and submit the document on Blackboard.