Maus II by Art Spiegelman Ethical Connotations of the Characters Paper


asks you to analyze the allegorical use of animals that portray people from different nationalities. Why did the author choose to do so, and does the use of animals effectively portray each nationality, or does the use of animals present a form of stereotyping?


you will write a literary argument derived from Maus II by Art Spiegelman. You need to select a topic that addresses a debatable, controversial, ethical issue and argue your position regarding this issue. You must provide evidence from the text itself, a minimum of three other scholarly sources, and logical reasoning to support your claim. For this essay, you can examine one of the following:

• Ethical connotations of the allegorical characters
• The author’s portrayal of a human-rights issue
• The ethical choices of one or more character explored in detail in the story

Your essay must show your own critical thinking and the ability to support logical reasoning with information from scholarly sources.

Audience: You are writing for a college-educated audience familiar with the subject matter.


Format: This analysis should be between 4 to 5 pages long, double-spaced, typed in a legible font, font size 12, with margins of 1 inch.

Citing sources: Your essay needs to use at least two (2) relevant, credible sources, all of which must be cited within the text as well as on your Works Cited page according to MLA Style.

SOC3400 Ethical Issues in Study of Deviant Behavior Criminology Questions

Instructions: Please review and respond to the following questions. Make sure responses are substantive in nature and meet the required word count (Must add up to at least 500 words). There should be at least one reference per question.

  • 1)A criminologist may use the analytical tool of link analysis. What is link analysis and how is it utilized? (50 to 100 words response)
  • 2)What is institutional anomie theory? Does this theory seem plausible? (100 to 150 words response)
  • 3)What is deviant place theory? Does this theory seem plausible? (100 to 150-word response)
  • 4)In the context of criminology, what is event charting? How is it used by a criminologist? (50 to 100 words response)
  • 5)What is deductive logic? How might a criminologist engage in deductive logic in their work? (100 to 150 words response)
  • 6)How is criminology helpful to law enforcement? Provide specific examples of when criminology theory has assisted law enforcement? (100 to 150 words response).

LITR365 American Public Literature and Culture of The Middle East Essay


Final Reflective Essay


Write a reflective essay of depth and detail that assess this semester, your work and your growth.Your essay should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, 12pt. font.Look back at the work you have done throughout the semester, the critical essays you’ve written, your reader response journals, your discussion participation, the assigned texts you’ve read and annotated, and your research paper.Look internally for things that have changed and things that have remained the same (abilities, ideas, understanding, scholarly interest etc,).Consider as well any goals you set for yourself at the start of the term.

In the essay, talk about your course experience and what you’ve learned. How has your thinking/attitude changed (or not changed)?How have you changed (or not changed) as a writer, as a reader, as a student of culture, literature, and religion and as a person?What do you feel especially proud of now as you close out the semester?Is there some essay (either your own or one you’ve read this term), some discussion, some example, word, or phrase which has provided a “light-bulb” moment or an epiphany for you about some aspect of life, world history, self-understanding, or religious conviction, for you? Why?

The questions above are starting points to get you thinking and to generate ideas. You are free to organize this essay in any way that makes sense to the content you wish to include. You do not need to move through the questions above one by one. Instead, explain with detail, drawing on the text(s) and on concrete illustrations to show HOW that what you say is true.

For example, if you claim that your understanding of the significance of love poetry in shaping culture has deepened, draw on direct quotations from texts and point to concrete examples in life that demonstrate whatgot you thinking in a new direction and why and that further illustrate what you think now. Explore the implications of this attitude for your scholarship and for your life.

In writing this essay, consider all the elements that have contributed to your semester:



assigned texts

peer feedback & postings

texts you’ve written

teacher comments

your researched work

Be sure to use precise and specific examples and concrete details for points you are making as you assess the semester.Use direct quotations from both your own work and the readings as well as peer comments to provide excellent support for your reflection.

One final thing to consider as you close out your essay is what grade you think your effort deserves in this course and why and what plans you do or don’t have to study the literature and culture of the Middle East in the future?

This essay counts towards your overall discussion grade. As well, it will be read carefully and given weight as I prepare for this course in the future.

Rasmussen Module 4 General Mathematics Game Theory II and Graph Theory I

Module 04 Written Assignment – Game Theory II & Graph Theory I

Click on the link below for this module’s problems.

Make sure you following all instructions given in the document. All steps and explanations (when asked) are required for full credit!

Adolescent Sexual Health Risk Behaviors Report

one-page (12-point font) report

Step 1Research articles and websites.

Conduct an Internet search for articles and websites that provide current information about sexual dysfunctions and sexually transmitted diseases.

Step 2
Report your findings.

Address the following points in your report based on the research you conducted in Step 1:

  • List major points in the article.
  • List websites where the information is found.
  • Include statistics and data found

PArt 2

The article and the information in it should be recent-within the past three or four years. Here are some examples of appropriate articles:

Step 2
Summarize the major points.

Write a one-page summary of the article you chose in Step 1, listing the major points.

Monetary policy instruments and procedures in Saudi Arabia Summary

open the link and write summery one pages about this topic include some suggest point.f or example, the name of the topic and write how is a membership for SAMA and the hosiery for that, when the start make the relationship between the Real Saudi and DOLLAR

Brand Extension Through Licensing Paper

read the assignment, and answer two question,1-2page

Q1. Identify the 2 licensing examples in this article and include the correct terminology for each partner (e.g. licensor & licensee).

Q2. For each example, identify the benefits AND risks for each party including examples for each.

EMG400 Colorado State Hurricane Katrina Emergency Management Plan Paper

Paper is on Hurricane Katrina

For your final Portfolio Project, you will analysis the disaster recovery process on your chosen disaster.

The Portfolio Project will include three of the following topics as they pertain to the disaster recovery phase:

  • Short-term and long-term recovery planning;
  • Environmental recovery, historical, and cultural preservation;
  • Housing, social, and psychological recovery;
  • Public sector recovery;
  • Business and private sector recovery;
  • Infrastructure and lifelines;
  • Government, community, and volunteer organization resources; and
  • Additional recovery items identified in research.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • The paper should be 8 pages, not including the title and reference page.
  • Additionally, the paper should properly reference and include at least five research articles from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals in addition to the textbook. Do not use unverifiable sources such as articles without a credible author or institution (e.g., blogs, etc.).

Short Discussion on AIDS

Since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, the media has often concentrated on the type of person who got AIDS (“high-risk groups”), not on the behaviors that made transmission from an infected to an uninfected person more likely. Many people mistakenly believe that because they are not members of any “high-risk groups,” they do not have to take any precautionary measures. Many college students seem to believe they are not at risk. However, a 1989 national study conducted by the American College Health Association indicated that one of every 500 college students is HIV-positive.1 Other studies indicate that college students score high on AIDS knowledge questionnaires, but have not altered their behavior to conform to their knowledge.

Consider the following findings from a study of 256 college students from southern Illinois:

  • 87% were currently or had been recently sexually active.
  • 18% stated intentions to have anal intercourse.
  • The mean number of sexual partners in a month was one and the mean number of sexual partners for 6 months was three.
  • For subjects who reported having more than one sexual partner (183 students), 60% had never used condoms.
  • 56% of white students and 36% of African-American students who reported having more than one sexual partner had never used condoms.
  • 32% reported that their sexual partner was opposed to using a condom.
  • The mean score for the students completing a 28-item test of AIDS-related facts was 23.5, demonstrating adequate basic knowledge of AIDS and HIV transmission.

To complete this forum select only one (1) of the questions below to respond to.

A. Begin your post by copying and pasting the question selected below.
B. Type your opinion and why you have this opinion.

  1. Do you think the statistics for your peers would be similar if they had participated in this study? Why or why not?
  2. How do you explain why many students who are knowledgeable about AIDS and sexually active with multiple partners fail to use condoms?
  3. What type of program do you think would persuade college students to adopt safer sexual behaviors?

Power point

Assignment Content

  1. Watch ”
    Difficult Presentations Made Easy.”

    Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that outlines techniques to improve your presentation skills.

    Include information from the video on ways to address anxiety-reducing techniques and improve overall presentation delivery.

    Use an informative or persuasive approach to illustrate the importance of mastering key presentation techniques.

    Cite at least two references from University Library.

    Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.

    • Local Campus students, these are oral presentations accompanied by Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentations.
    • Online and Directed Study students, these are Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentations with speaker notes.