500 to 650 words on a challenge and how it affected you. See below for more details.


In a typed essay (between 500 and 650 words), please answer the following:

Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn? Note: Successful essays are descriptive and free of errors. Please proofread and spell check your essay.

Use this story, make it better

As a child I have not had many setbacks, now that I look back at it now it seemed like a vast void. However, now writing this essay I remember at around age five I was told that I was born with one leg longer than the other. This was hereditary as my great-grandfather had this problem as well. My parents took me to Lucile Packard 3 years in a row but there was anything the doctors could do. I leaned to leave with it but this had caused some problems to me as a kid.

I couldn’t run as fast as other kids or walk straight. My walk was called “pigeon-toed” which made my feet turn inward then outward. This made my walk look weird and I was sometimes ridiculed because of it; kids could be really cruel at my age. However, I didn’t allow the negativity get to me. This was also the time I was starting to get into sports, more specifically baseball. I liked baseball more than any other sport because I grew up watching the Giants plays with my father. Later, my mom helped me join the Fremont Youth baseball league when I was six. I was remarkably tall at the time so I was matched in the league of seven year olds. This made my growing experience harder as I was playing against children who had more experience than me since this was my first time actually playing. My first couple of weeks were tough, I was still learning the sport so when I was told to play I was practically clueless. To add onto my tough experience I was struggling in running and just walking as I worked on walking/running properly.

I didn’t give up; actually I used the negativity to better myself. I practiced every chance I got. My dad long hours and in the weekends since he works at his family business. My mom and my younger sister practiced with me. My mom pitching and throwing to me while my sister ran and got all the balls. My mom even got hit in one of her eye while trying to catch but she still tried her best in my practices.

I am the first generation born in this country and first to place in little league. That year, my team placed second in the league. Fast forward into the future, during my years of age seven through nine, I had grown greatly as a baseball player. I became the starting third basemen, and I hit high up on the lineup. My coach nicknamed me “Bam bam” (Bam Bam is a Flintstones character known for being inhumanely strong) because hitting was so great during this time. Also to top it off, I started walking normally without trying and running wasn’t an issue anymore. I was so happy to make my parents proud of me; to see my mom’s face when I received those big trophies. I still play; this is my second year playing for the JV team.