ANCH307 Real mysteries and Scientific Evidence Discussion

write 2 good paragraphs (4-5 sentence each)

There are two parts to this question. First, while many myths about the past are demonstrably untrue, fascinating questions still remain. Select one of these topics, and discuss what you think is some of the best available scientific evidence to explain them: 1) The reason behind Upper Paleolithic cave paintings; or 2) The cause of the Maya collapse; or 3) The purpose of Stonehenge. Keep in mind, we are not asking your opinion about these phenomena, but asking you to discuss the specific scientific evidence that we have that helps us to understand it. Secondly, with the popularity of non-scientific shows such as American Diggers, and the prevalence of local myths such as the myth of “Confederate gold,” how would you convince someone of the need to focus on real scientific methods and evidence?