Arielys Relevant Arguments for Government Regulation of Business Assignment

Ariely’s Honest Truth took a close look at our human frailty when it comes to ethics and commitments. Based on Ariely’s book, on one hand one might argue that we need structure and constraints to protect ourselves and our society from our own imperfections, and yet, on the other hand it may be argued that those charged with regulating and controlling the rest of us are just as imperfect and thus that we should be skeptical of centralized regulatory powers.

Clearly, we need government regulations on a variety of different aspects of business, but how do we best ensure that the regulators are really acting in the public interest?

This is a complex issue and reasonable people may come up with very different answers to this question. That said, your assignment to write a short essay (minimum 500 words) on the extent to which you believe that Ariely’s arguments are relevant for government regulation of business

500 words

Reference: Ariely, Dan. (2012 or 2013 edition) The (honest) truth about dishonesty: How we lie to everyone–especially ourselves. HarperCollins Publishers.