Berlin Calling 2008 Film Analysis

Berlin Calling 2008 Film Analysis

film name:Berlin Calling 2008, and answer the following questiones

1. How does the generation-conflict play out in the movie? Make a comparison to another film that we have watched in class!

2. Try to explain what clubbing and music means for Germans as opposed to your own culture! Describe this subculture, using examples from the film!

3. What does Ickarus’ music have to do with change (The fall of the Berlin Wall and his childhood)?

4. How are art, drugs, and insanity related in the film? What could one criticize regarding the depiction of the “insane” people?

5. What does Icka’s try to do with his album? What is the “purpose” of his album?

6. What could be the “political potential” of music and clubbing culture? Do you see a chance in this?