BUSI1112 Mattel Inc and Business Administration Paper

Students are to start with $200,000 to invest and invest that money over a period of at least 4 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks.
Some students struggle with the concept and what I would suggest is….the assignment is a bit easier than you think and really involves the following steps:

1. You have to decide what companies you may want to invest in. Most students invest in companies which they are interested in….For example – Disney or Air Canada. Another great way to determine what companies to invest is to simply Google that exact question. I promise you will get tens of thousands of interesting articles/bits of information.

2. Once you determine what companies you want to invest in you have to determine if they are publicly traded. Not all corporations/companies are. I am NOT going to answer how you do this. Part of this assignment is self-discovery meaning….figure this out on your own.

3. Once you determine if a company is publicly traded…you then determine the share price for the day you are going to invest in the company. Now to be honest….it scares me a bit when people email me and ask….”How do I determine the share price?” Try this experiment…..Google “Walt Disney World Share Price.” …..guess what you find…..the share price. In addition every news site in the world also has this information. I am not being sarcastic…..just a little blunt….self discovery of information is a good thing. If you are working you should know this, if you’re not…..quickly learning it is important

4. Now let’s say, you want to invest some of your fictional money in Disney. Well I have Googled the share price….it’s $100 today. So if I want to invest $25,0000 then I divide the amount of money I want to invest by the share price….or 25000/100 so I can buy 250 shares. I then record the day I bought it.

5. I then monitor the share/stock price for Disney and when I chose to sell it I simply multiple the sales price by the number of shares and record that  easy peasy….

What you pass in:
1. A summary report of all your trades including the dates, amount and so forth. You will then note if you made money or lost money. Then compare how you did during this period to how the stock market index did (percentage wise). So look at the returns on the TSX, Dow Jones and the S&P 500.

A three to five page write up noting:

Why you invested in your companies?

Why you sold companies?

What you learned about the companies that you invested in? I would suggest some research in how they are doing from a business performance standpoint.

What you learned about the stock market.

How your performance differed from the indexes and what you would do differently next time.

Part of your grade will reflect how many companies you invest in? Your activity in monitoring performance and so forth.

Other good websites to visit include: