capstone first draft

capstone first draft

In the annex, you will find the idea of my capstone which is a game about applying run, hide, and fight. You will be working on the first draft, which your job basically is research and writing section. I will provide you with a large number of references in order to answer the following questions which you would include in your literature review. you need to do further research if you did not find the answer within the material already submitted

Review last 15 years mass shooting events within educational institutions

How they reach this concept of run, hide, fight?

what are the best ways to practice run, hide, and fight? should it be in this sequence?

What are the alternatives to the concept of ” run, hide, fight”?

What are the limitations of the concept?

Does the school’s design help to apply this concept?

has the concept of run, hide and fight tested in the real situation ever? If so what are the results?

how many educational institutions did active shooter drills, if not what is the reason for that?

How video games are an effective educational tool? Any why? And for who?

How is the fear factor impact on the implementation of the concept of “run, hide, fight”?

Scientific Research Method:

You will be on a number of stages

First: the design of the game will be based on the environment adjacent to campus, in terms of classroom designs, area, the capacity of the semester, the size of the map play, services available on campus, and others. Under the follow-up of the Shan owners in the management specialty. The flow of the game: The player will be in the firing zone and will have a full free disposition, where the player will decide whether he will run, hide, or fight. A range of tools will be available, just like in most universities and schools such as fire extinguishers, books, chairs, etc. for use as a means of self-defense. The player must survive shooting in order to succeed in the game. At the end of the tour, the results will show the behavior of the players in terms of running, or hiding, fighting attempts, jogging mode, picking places to hide as per possibility.

Second: a questionnaire to assess the knowledge of the players about what they do during the disaster shooting before using the game and then repeat the questionnaire itself after testing the game in order to compare the results and see how effective the game in the self – education of the student.

Third: Analyze the questionnaire data and compare the results of the player himself, in order to see what can be improved in the game in order to link to the result that the player will be applicable to what he learned in a real accident.

statement of purpose:

Due to the many shooting events in the academic institutions over the past decade, experts have proposed the concept of “run, hide, fight” in order to avoid injury and the direction of the situation. One of the biggest problems facing this concept is that the methods of training are limited by either a full exercise, which is very expensive. It needs the cooperation of many government agencies in order to successfully train. However, most participants in the training are taught from the outset what is the quality of the risk, the absence of the element of surprise, which is the most important factor in fact, since everyone knows what is. Accordingly, a simulation game has been designed to help practice the application of the concept and ensure its effectiveness.

for the draft you will write the following sections; intro, statement of purpose, literature review, Methods.

15 pages, APA style.