chapter review

chapter review

Part one: Chapter 15 – Sports by Carole M Cusack Chapter Summary

After careful reading Chapter 15 on “sports” by Carole Cusack, summarize with an in-depth study 300 word reaction to the reading. Please make sure that you post at the end at least 2 and preferably 3 ‘provocations’ (i.e. provocative questions triggered by your reading).

Part two: Chapter 15 – Sports Questions

after reading chapter 15, Answer EACH question in one paragraph of at least 100words. At the end of this exercise, you will have 3 well-developed paragraphs with no less than 300 words.

1. What at are the connections between religion and sports? Select the one of them and let me know why you believe this way.

2. What conclusion do you come to when reading the exerp from Pausanias’s Description of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia and why?

3. What influence did Sumo Wrestling have in the theory of the connection between sport and religion?