Do Schools Kill Creativity?

There are two separate assignments one of a Ted Talk and the other Four use of Language

1st Paper…

Watch the Ted Talk: “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” Write two full pages (about 600 words) in response to this Ted Talk. See three questions below to help you write your assignment

1. Does this Ted talk confirm any of your experiences in high school or college?

2. Summarize Sir Ken Russell’s argument.

3. What are a couple of insights you gained from watching this Ted Talk?

2nd Paper..

Find EXAMPLES of the 4 different uses of language that YOU think may be entertaining, interesting or even funny. You `are encouraged to copy-and-paste stuff from the internet. The examples you find must accurately illustrate each one of the FOUR USES of language listed below: Only a few sentences for each word !!

1. Denotation (literal language)

2. Connotation (figurative language)

3. Syntax (Syntactic meaning)

4. Pragmatic Meaning (depends on CONTEXT)