Early Childhood Education Issues in Positive Child Guidance Research Paper

Course:Positive Child Guidance

Assignment Due: May 8, 2019

Learning Outcome: Learners will conduct and write a research paper on “Issues in Child Guidance”

Learning Task Element:Learners will conduct write a research paper on an issue in Early Childhood Education with regards to Child Guidance. This assignment will be worth 20 % of your final mark.This will be an opportunity for the learners to build on their knowledge with regards to developmentally appropriate practice, child development and positive child guidance.

Early Childhood Education

Issues in Child Guidance Research Paper

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Learners will research and respond to current issues and trends concerning Early Childhood Education in Child Guidance. You will read and respond to articles taken from professional literature related to issues, trends and research.Topics could include spanking vs not spanking, the use of time out, guidance with children with special needs etc. Your paper must be a minimum of 4 pages, double spaced, include a cover page and use the APA format.

The following Rubric will be used to evaluate your work

_____ Grammar_____ Cover page

_____ Spelling_____ Researched

_____ Introduction_____ Information is clear and referenced

_____ Minimum 4 pages_____ Professional

_____ Personal response given _____ APA format used