Edit and revise speech, but keep the format

Edit and revise speech, but keep the format

The Sadistic Acts of Genital Mutilation

  1. Introduction (Welcome to today lecture about a troublesome problem that have not been dealt with and it’s about time we dealt and halted its continuance).

A. Attention Greeter: What would you do if your parents had a blade in their hand and told you that they were going to circumcised you? What would have been your reaction?

B. Introduction to Self: Hello, my name is Jasmine Bailey, I attend VSU and I will be your speaker for this particular issue. I am hoping that my speech will help bring about awareness and your voice to help protests against this act.

C. Credibility Factors/ Speaker Credibility: My credentials come from videos, documentaries, Ted Talks, and articles that emphasized immeasurably about this horrific procedure.

D. Briefly Define and Describe Topic (Importance of Topic): Genital mutilation is an excruciating process of removing, cutting, or circumcising the private part.

E. Motivate the Audience: This implementation is killing people from left to right and utterly causes many adults including young kids to die or suffer fatal health deficiencies that they have to live with for the rest of their life.

F. Thesis Sentence/ Central Idea: I am going to confabulate to my audience about what mutilation is, the process, and how it should be ruled as unpractical and a crime about humanity.

G. Preview Summary Sentence: Understanding and gasping the message & procedure of this problem and how we should protest against it.

Transition: First, I am going to explain and describe the exploration of genital mutilation.

II. Body

A. What is Genital Mutilation ?

1. Genital Mutilation is the process of removing or cutting the genital.

2. According to various researches, this exercise is not uncommon or out of the ordinary, its prehistoric. Throughout centuries and generations when different religions were discovered, people would use this exercise as a deed to honor their god as a symbolism for purity.

3. Equally important, this procedure is mainly targeted on females, however, there are males that encountered this as well.

4. Again, the reason for this existence is for people to carry out the symbolism of purity and morality of one’s favorable god. Additionally, its aims for premarital virginity and fidelity for marriage.

5. This execution takes place in countries like, US, heavily in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Next, I am going to explain genital mutilation and how it works.

  1. In the female case, there are 4 inconceivable, incomprehensible, on top with excruciating types of mutilations that deals with the process of removing or shedding the private area.

2. The first type is called the clitoridectomy- this is process of partial or completely eliminating the clitorises. Here is a picture of it… What a horrific graphic … Next, we have Type 2 which is called the Excision. In this stage, the clitoris and the labia minora, which are the inner folds of the vulva, are removed. Here’s is a description of it… Please soak this in deeply and understand how brutal this looks.

3. Then, we have the type 3 mutilation which is labeled as the severity form, is called the Infibulation. This strategy incorporates the removal of the clitoris and the labia minora, then the outer lips of the vagina are sealed which only reveals a small hole that is left for a woman to urinate and menstruation. Here is a picture of this…. Understand that women from all ages are station for this procedure in their lifetime.

4. Moreover, we have type 4. Which doesn’t come with a model, its classified as any type of mutilation that does not resembles the three types I just showed you. So, it would be appropriate to say that this procedure is anything out of the ordinary that consists of mutilation.

5. Now for men, there’s really not a lot of information or severity in this issue because women are primary the main target for this. Therefore, what I can say is that males around the world are knowingly just circumcised- which means the foreskin of the penis is removed. Here is a picture…

6. Overall, this method does not reap any good benefits but just harm and death. Its complications consist of severe pain, excessive bleeding, infections, psychological problems, urinary tract infection, shock, menstrual problems, inability to conceive a child, painful sex, death along with many more.

7. Vitally, there is no law or religion for this approach. This is mankind doings for their own personal interpretations of purity, and believe that cutting the private area is what their religious god finds acceptable.

8. We should protest against this method by going to third world countries and establishing a voice and developing some sort of strike to help women and men voiced be heard.

III Conclusion

  1. Transition: Finally, you have seen the horrific and comprehended the ugliness of this problem.

B. Relevance to Audience: This is tied to you because you never know your neighbors or the person you socialize with could have went through this. Thus, its killing people, there is no law for this being, and it is not even considered unlawful.

C. Again, genital mutilation is the process of removing the private area for religious or personal reasons. Its primary targeted on women but men encounter this problem as well. Hense, it practices ranges from severe to most severity and there is no law to stop it since it’s not a crime.

D. Summary: I have now explained to you what this is, the process, and the reason for it.

E. WOW: Genital mutilation is just an inhumane act against humanity that encompassed fatal injuries, sickness and death let end this now!

F. Thank you!