Effects of Minimum Wage Economics Term Paper


The term paper should be 5 pages in length and follow this structure:

Question / Problem Definition:

In this section you should outline the topic for the paper and ask a specific question. Please remember that I do not want a descriptive paper but rather one that answers a question.


In this section of the paper you should analyze the information that you have collected. State both sides of the argument and make sure that you are treating the subject objectively.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

In this section make sure you answer the question from the first section, that the analysis in the third section supports your answer and that your answer is definitive. Make sure that you make at least two practical recommendations.


Clearly list all reference materials.


You will be assigned a general topic via e-mail which you must refine and customize to your preferences. You may switch topics before the Term Paper Workshop but will require written approval from the professor (e-mail request and response from the professor.)

The term paper is an independent research paper which the student must complete on a course related topic of their choosing. This paper is due on the last day of class, must be submitted on the www.turnitin.com website and is worth 30% of the final mark.