GB540 Unit 6 Economics for Global Decision Makers Fortune 500 Company Paper

For your paper in Unit 6:

  • Make sure to use informative supporting graphics where they will add to the paper, such as tables, charts, and diagrams.
  • Don’t use “we” or “our” pronouns, as you’re not writing as part of the company.
  • Avoid getting distracted with various PR information on the company website that is intended to make the company look good. There is no need for page after page on the company’s vision, mission, values, solar panels, recycling bins, or charitable efforts. None of this is vital to the objectives of the presentation. It is best if you get your information about the company from a variety of sources, not just from the company website.
  • It is critical that you follow the supplied links on macroeconomic indicators (these are on the page where you can click to find the rubric for the assignment). Some students have tried writing their papers without understanding what macroeconomic indicators are, and that’s usually disastrous. These are not the same as financial information on the firm, e.g., “return on equity” or “earnings” or “profits.” Economic indicators pertain to the economy as a whole, and there are some that firms might find particularly important for them to follow. For instance, Home Depot might want to look at building permits, among others. Here is one link to get you started–it contains a list of economic indicators:

  • Finally, as with your other papers, watch grammar, spelling, and formatting.

Make sure you have addressed all the components of the rubric before you turn this in.