Gender and Global Culture Essay

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Your essay must be based on a particular news report/article that discusses a concrete incident/event/situation (that occurred outside the USA within the last 2 years) related to the themes of gender and global culture: economics, politics, family, religion, media, medicine, or environmentalism.

One aspect of the essay will include a fact finding investigation on the particular incident/event/situation, so you must refer to at least two news articles about the incident/event/situation. In addition to describing the basic facts of the story, your essay should include an informed analysis–based on scholarly resources- -of the issues. The main purpose of the essay is explain the (social/historical/economic/political) causes of the incident/event/situation described and to propose a possible solution to the social and ethical issue involved in the selected incident/event/situation. You may also discuss how organizations (activists, politicians, businesspeople, etc.) are addressing the issue described. In your essay, make sure to clearly state the problem and you may consider alternative solutions before arguing for your own.

Your project should use at least four (4) references: as mentioned above, this includes at least two news articles about the incident/event/situation. In addition, at least two references from a scholarly source

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