Genomic Analyses of DNA Transformation Journal Article Term Paper

What should your term paper include?

The paper should be a summary of what you present. Your paper should be done on an individual basis and should include your interpretation of the information.

Present proper background.

Discuss all the experiments in the research paper.

Discuss the significance of the research. Comment on whether the results of the experiments used in the research paper support the conclusions made.

What is the length of your term paper?

The paper should be 5-6 pages double-spaced. Included in the five pages should be figures (more than one if you wish). However, figures should not add up to more than one of the five pages. In addition to the five pages, you should have a page that lists the references you used to write your paper. (The reference page is not included in your five pages). References can follow any scientific format you wish. !

You are NOT allowed to use quotes in your paper. The paper should be written in your own words.

He wanted us to choose a topic that was taught over the course this semester. We chose Micro-evolution.

Antibiotic Resistance is an example of micro evolution. Then we had to chose a research article on this. So briefly write how and why microevolution fits into this article. Then continue with what the term paper should include (above).