HIST2620 New York American Union Bank Run in Great Depression Discussion

paper must:

  • Be a maximum of 5 pages
  • Be typed in Times New Roman in 12 font and use APA citation formatting
  • Have the responses correspond to the questions asked
  • Number your pages
  • Answer all areas of the questions to receive full points – partial credit is possible.

essay must include the following:

First – Identify and note details – Describe what you see. • What do you notice first? • What people and objects are shown? • How are they arranged? • What is the physical setting? • What, if any, words do you see?

Second – Generate and test hypotheses about the image. Why do you think this image was made? • What’s happening in the image? • Who do you think was the audience for this image? • What tools were used to create this? • What can you learn from examining this image? • If someone made this today, what would be different? • What would be the same?

Third – How do those events and images continue to profoundly shape America’s view of the world and its place in the world? Please submit thoughtful arguments that are supported by evidence.