How to respond to a students response 2

120 words either agreeing disagreeing or relating to

Culture plays an essential role in forming the society and the country. “Culture is the mechanism through which societies promote and achieve conformity of behavior, dress, language, expectations, and laws” (Culture and Conformity , 2019). “The culture of any society is reflected by and can be observed through the behaviors and actions of others” (Behavioral Differences Between Cultures, 2018). Within the presentation of TedX Talk, he stated that we can relate to culture in three ways: confront, complain, and conform. I believe with dealing any other culture, it is difficult to adjust especially if you are a close minded individual. By confronting, the individual is deciding that their culture is better than others. By complaining, the individual isolates himself or herself from the society. “Conforming entails adapting our own behaviors to look more like the society around them, not necessarily change our own cultural tendencies completely” (Behavioral Differences Between Cultures, 2018).

From a personal perspective, I cannot say that I confront, complain, or conform. I believe I struggle more with conforming to society. Often times we tend to neglect other cultures because they are not like our own. By conforming, I had to realize that I can have the best of the both worlds. Being able to conform with a workplace is essential. Being able to conform has always been somewhat of a struggle for me because coming for a small town an individual tends to be close minded about certain things. But while pursuing my undergraduate, I was able to conform more to different cultures, but I am still learning how to conform.
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