Literature Review

I am writing a paper on analysis of my family of origin. Please


Practice issue is: Unable to effectively communicate

The second section of the paper is a literature review. You should identify a practice issue that is reflected in your family’s past and/or present functioning. You should conduct a thorough literature search for empirical and theoretical literature that is relevant to the practice issue you have selected and find the most recent literature possible, preferably within the last five years. You should then select and read three articles from peer reviewed journals. At least one must report on a qualitative or quantitative research study. No more than one of these sources may come from the suggested readings.

Provide a brief summary of the main points raised in each of the articles. For the article describing research, this should include your critique of the research methods. You should discuss your opinions about what you have read: points that you agreed and disagreed with, whether you thought the authors provided a thorough discussion of the topic, etc.