Love Medicine Avoiding Stereotypes And Erdrich’s Goal Assignment

Your final exam will be on our class novel, Love Medicine.

The final exam will be open all day on Tuesday, May 21st.

You will have 2 hours to complete an essay of 1000 words about the novel.

I will provide the prompt when you begin the final exam.

Here are the essay components I expect you to have mastered and should be able to display in your literary analysis:


Thesis Statements and Map of Points

Effective argument of literature

Topic Sentences

Integrating Quotes to support your own ideas

Providing Analysis

Transitions within the paragraph and between paragraphs

Effective Conclusions

MLA Reference Page

MLA Cover Page

MLA quote citations

MLA formatting

Here are some helpful guides you need to study:

Checklist On Writing A Literary Analysis Essay(1) (1).doc

124 Anatomy of Literature Based Essay(1)-1.pdf

Please also study the documents I have in Course Documents in the Start Here Module.

I will be looking for mastery of the components described.

Happy Writing,